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Timeless. Unique. personal.

Unique Horse Portraiture that lasts a life time

Your horse is the most precious creature on earth, don't let the moment go by to make an everlasting memory. 

You want this:

  • honor your horses' personality through 
  • unique wall art in your house
  • stand out from the rest because your horse is not like any other horse
  • a photographer whom you can fully trust

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About me

Next to a true horselover and a dressage trainer,
I am a Dutch Award winning an internationally published Photographer. 

I can tell you, I am pretty proud to be able to tell that! I worked really hard to achieve this so I remind myself once in a while of that. Hard work always pays off!

Now while enjoying my succes, big changes came up.

I recently (september 2018) moved with my husband to the Atlanta Area in Georgia, USA. This is where my life changed a lot. I was able to reinvent myself and I did. As much as I loved my former successful work as a boudoir photographer, I decided to really follow my passions and combine them. I started to train and coach dressage riders. Training, coaching and riding dressage horses has always been my passion in Holland.

After a while I began to miss my work as a photographer. So I picked up my camera and began to make portraits of my beautiful young horse Zorro. Trying to find a style that fits me and that I know you will appreciate too.

Looking around on the internet I found some inspiring artists who guided me (without them knowing that) to a new route:


Unique Horse Portraits that show the beauty and personality of your horse

Curious what my style is? Check my portfolio above on this page.

I hope to meet you and your horse to make a beautiful timeless portrait that you will admire for the rest of your life.

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What people say about me as a photographer:

" How fun it is to work with Mireille! She is a passionate, creative photographer, always professional and a true perfectionist. I was really surprised to see the pictures after the session. I couldn't ask for a better photographer to work with."

M. miedema

“I know Mireille is a really good photographer so when I asked her to make a portrait of my horse my expectations were high. But of course, she made just what I was looking for! I printed it out very large and so it is a true piece of art in my house.  I am really proud of it, my horse will never be forgotten"

L. Klaes

“…as a photographer, I am the witness of the beauty of your horse...”

Setup your session now! 

Getting to know you and your horse is important to me in order to get the images you are looking for. 

That is why I always have questions for you so email or call me to talk about it.

I am based in Suwannee, where you are more then welcome to trailer in for your sessions but also I can come to your barn. 

As you will notice, I am also an experienced dressage trainer. So if you want, we can combine the two easily!

I will tell you all you can expect and what I need from you in a 15 - 30 minute consultation call. 

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